Faby´s is found near the small village of Otricoli. It is in the province of Terni and a part of the Valnerina~Marmore district.
Otricoli has two supermarkets, three fruit & veg shops, two butchers, a pharmacy, two small art galleries,
several small boutiques, a photo & photocopy shop and a beautiful Catholic church.

Roberto & Fabiola provide tourist information to the local areas of interest:

Nearby is an archeological site, an ancient Roman city built upon the Tiber river.
This was first city out from Rome to be built along the Via Flaminia.
It is possible to see many of the characteristic structures, an amphitheatre, baths etc.
At the Ocricolum you really step back in time. A wonderful place to picnic and dream of times gone by.

Poggio D´Otricoli Near Otricoli is a small medieval castle: Poggio.

Marmore Waterfall A popular parkland and tourist spot, beautiful at night but check your guide for opening times.

Parco Fluviale del Nera The first park in Italy to use biological cultivation.
This national park was instituted in 1995, with the goal to protect and preserve varieties of native flora
that are found to be under threat. The park is open to tourists as a place to find peace and tranquility.

Monterivoso This village has a large Ethnographic Museum that has many
displays depicting the life and times of the preindustrial peasant culture found in Umbria.

Polino Is a village built upon the highest point of Umbria. It is 830m above sea level.
In winter you can go cross country skiing on the magnificent ski slopes and forrest trails.

Sports tourism in Valnerina
Canoeing, kayaking (Lake Piediluco)
Sports fishing

The lake for sports fishing "L´Oasi di Borghetto" is in Civita Castellana on the Via Flaminia 61km
Loc. Borghetto, fish for trout sized up to 8 kg.
Hours: Monday to Friday; from 8 a.m. to sunset
Saturday from 7.30 a.m. to sunset
On Sunday the lake opens from 6 a.m.