Rebirthing, also known as breathwork, is a technique that was developed in America by Leonard Orr in the 1970´s.
There are two fundamental elements to rebirthing: the practice of concious breathing and the harnessing of creative thought.
These techniques allow the indiviual to develop awareness of, and healthy responses to, previously supressed tensions
by targeting fundamental issues, releasing energy blocks and promoting the power of positive thought.
This technique has proven to be of immense value as a way to control depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, insomnia etc.
Rebirthing is now widely used throughout Europe and the UK.

Rebirthing is practiced in a tranquil, controlled environment. While laying in a relaxed, comfortable position
the Rebirther supports the patient in developing a pattern of breathing that oxygenates and energises the body.
It is not hyperventilation. It is the calm control of deep, same length breaths in and out.
A regular cycle is found of comfort to the individual. As the body goes in to a deep relaxation toxins are released.

During this ´meditation´ the body can also experience an awakening of memories supressed at a cellular level.
By going consciously with any emerging memories or images it is possible to analyse and process,
at a deep emotional level, our individual experiences or responses to past experiences.
By working with these memories it is possible to rethink our reactions to present day situations.
We can take positive action to change any negative habits, thereby taking responsibilty for our personal growth.
The regular practice of Rebirthing provides a way of developing our individual human potential.

Rebirthing can be practiced in either group or individual sessions.

Individual sessions:
The individual sitting gives you the opportunity to explore a more personal experience.
After 15 sessions you can develop independent skills.

Group sessions:
During groups sessions diverse themes can be explored such as: relationships, work, health, money etc.
The energy is different in a group session as we bring our own unique selves in to a shared experience,
learning not just from ourselves but from others.
FABIOLA DESSÍ is a dedicated practioner of Rebirthing.
She has developed her skills with regular practice,
study and over ten years of experience.
In 1992 Fabiola attended seminars conducted by Louise Hay
and Dr. Deepak Chopra exploring diverse themes such as
the use of Bach flower remedies, the power of positive and creative thought,
attitude in physical and spiritual well-being, relationships, money, perception, meditation and more.
After discovering for herself the benefits of Rebirthing Fabiola took steps
towards becoming a professional Rebirther, desiring to share her experience and help others with their own journey of personal growth.
Fabiola studied at the SIR, Scuola Internazionale di Rebirthing.
Fabiola then went on to develop a successful practice in Sardegna.
Since moving to Umbria she has continued on to established her work in Rome and environs. She regularly writes articles for publication online for Italian Holistic site:

with Deepak Chopra
and Leonard Orr

To find out more about sessions in Umbria, Rome and Sardinia contact Fabiola: EMAIL

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